Always, always, always an honor. What you did is so impactful, and I am happy to be a part of it. Keep up the amazing work!

Eve Hudson

-First- gens lounge Podcast Host, Author, and Founder

Relatable and Inspiring

I really relate - becoming self-aware of your background especially at uni is one of the most empowering yet draining life experiences! Feeling very inspired by you Rufeida


-Attendee at Language, Accents, and Unequal Opportunity in Higher Education event, 30th March 2021


I love how [Social Knowbility, and it’s logo] is really deep and creative, and represented so much!


-YUSU BME network member, 2021


...Social Knowbility is a good account to follow for students moving into HE from underrepresented backgrounds. Interesting to hear the term ‘social mobility’ being challenged and discussed by Rufeida Alhatimy


-Twitter follower and event attendee, March 2021


Simultaneously timeless and super timely


-Attendee of 'Let's Talk Failure' event, 2021


Great to join the Social Knowbility conference today discussing how we can moblise the student community to equalise access to Higher Education... congrats to Rufeida and the team!

Anne-Marie Canning

-CEO of the Brilliant Club

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