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Why Partner with Social Knowbility?

Our Mission

IIf you share our mission of supporting the most underrepresented communities, the best way to show this is by partnering with us in our commitment to support students through their journey from school to a professional career.

Our Reach

We have reach in universities and community groups in the UK and the US. With affiliate student groups in more than 12 universities, we have a good reach for research, project and progression opportunities in the work we do.

Our Diversity

We are made up of different communities of students seeking to make a collective differnce. We have opportunity for you to interact with our diverse community and co- learn to be part of our collective effort towards change.

Our Tailored Partnerships

We tailor our partnerships to suit the organisations we work with to ensure that our partnerships are mutually beneficials to us, and the organisations we partner with. Whether you need exposure to our diverse pool of students, showcase your organisation's commitment to diversity and inclusion, or share knowledge. We weclome: corporate partnerships, strategic partnerships, tech partnerships, and knowledge partnerships 

Social Knowbility

Are you ready to be part of our mission to transform the lives of underrepresented students and help them reach their full potential?

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