Use your Experience to help others

Advantages of Becoming an Ambassador

Aside from the wholesome feeling you will get from supporting a student who is undergoing challenges you may have already gone through, here are a few perks of becoming an ambassador

Fulfill your Volunteer Hours

Volunteering with us will be a fun way to fulfill any required volunteer hours. We are happy to provide references for your time with us, and make every moment you spend with us worth your while. 

Gain transferable skills

From the vast range of initiatives and activities we do, you will undoubtedly get the chance to not only work in the area you're interested in, but also challenge yourself to develop much needed transferable skills that will help boost your CV and be a stepping stone to your dream career prospects.

Progression + Training Opportunities

We offer training- from wellbeing, to development and service training- to help you develop yourself and feel prepared to serve our community. 

People that stand out will have the opportunity to progress from ambassador to senior ambassador positions which involves more hands on work alongside the exec team and even more perks!

Getting your career ready

Investing in our ambassadors is very important to us. For this reason, we will be conducting termly CV checks for those who would like to opt in for CV checks to ensure that you're ready for your next work opportunity when it arises. If you successfully complete a year with us, we will also provide you with a GOLDEN reference that you can use as you wish. 

Be the First to hear about paid opportunities

We sometimes have paid opportunties for events, training activities, or panel discussions where you can be paid for sharing your experiences or advice. Our volunteers will be our first port of call for any paid opportunties!

Be part of a growing community of changemarkers

We have a range of people from various life experiences, who want to make a collective difference in the institutions we study, work, and belong to. Don't miss out on this opportunity to work alongside some of the best community of people you can meet!


Are you ready to be the change and make a change?

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