Mitigating Circumstances Campaign

Here is our plan to make a difference

•We have sent out Freedom of Information requests to as many UK universities as we could to gather details on their procedures and develop and understanding of the system in place.

•We have circulated surveys to gather information on your own experiences of the procedures at your universities- we will be using these to compare how different universities handle the mitigating circumstances procedures to ensure that they meet the needs of the most underrepresented students, and identify some of the key issues students face. We welcome students to share their experiences and share this with others.

•Once we have collected enough responses we will be publishing the research and launching a campaign to tackle the current processes and make a difference for future generations of underrepresented students.

Your voice matters and will take us a long way into understanding what students need out of a system that is supposed to mitigate us when things go wrong. Support our campaign by filling in the survey with your experience, and share with fellow students who may have been impacted by the process.